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Western Australia is known as the heart of adventure down the land under. As a proof of the region’s reputation as the perfect destination for outdoor activities, the Bibbulmun Track is located within its borders. According to Western Australia’s Department of Environment and Conservation, Bibbulmun Track is one of the longest hiking trails in the region. This track is symbolized by a “rainbow snake” which is an important figure in the Aboriginal Dreaming tradition. The entire Bibbulmun Track is divided into 8 parts — Darling Range, Dwellingup, Collie, Blackwood, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole, and Albany.

Darling Range

A hiking destination that’s flocked by many adventure-seekers from around the world, the Bibbulmun Track has a total distance of 963 km from Perth’s Kalamunda to South Coast’s Albany. To start off, hikers can ride a bus or rent a car going to Kalamunda, the track’s northern end located at the Darling Range. Hikers then trek to Piesse Brook located within the borders of the Kalamunda National Park. Helena Valley’s southern edge is the next part of the track, leading to Hills Forest Discovery Centre. The track passes through majestic peaks offering scenic views. One of these peaks is Mt. Wells.


From Mt. Wells, the track leads to Dwellingup. This town boasts a mysterious history along with convenient hiking facilities. The track’s southern part leads to the Murray River Valley. From this point, hikers cross the jarrah, wandoo, and marri forest until they reach the Harris River Dam which is a good picnic area.


After a good picnic, hikers trek to Collie and cross the Glen Mervyn Dam. A steep farmland provides access to Noggerup Conservation Park that boasts acres of virgin jarrah forests. A steep trek awaits hikers as the track leads to Balingup Brook.


From Balingup Brook, hikers trek to Blackwood Valley. Hikers can enjoy scenic views from this valley along with karri trees that are unique to Australia. The track then leads to Donnelly River Village. As hikers leave this area, the track passes through the Beedelup National Park.


After Blackwood, hikers trek to Pemberton which offers an array of unique side trips to satisfy the most curious of travelers. One side trip is a climb to the Gloucester Tree lookout. The track then leads to the Warren River Valley.


From the Warren River Valley, travelers follow the southern trail and end up in Northcliffe. Boasting an array of vegetation and endemic plant species, visiting the Northcliffe Forest Park is simply a must when trekking the entire Bibbulmun Track.


The track follows the Gardner River and leads to Lake Maringup. From there, the trail continues to the Shannon River, the Pingerup Plains, the Woolbale Hills, and the pristine Mandalay Beach. The track then goes through the quaint Walpole Town.


From Walpole, hikers trek through the Valley of the Giants, the Boat harbour, and several hills and mountains. Several inlets are also crossed before travelers reach the Princess Royal Harbour at Albany, the track’s southern end.

Accommodation near the Bibbulmun Track

Since the track is almost 1000 kilometers long, there are many places to start your trip, for example the city of Perth or the shire of Kalamunda, near Perth. Along the track there are many campsites for offering a simple, wooden shelter for the hikers. Having a tent with you would be a good option too. There are also some hotels situated in the walking distance from the tracks, as an option for those who wish to make shorter walks and sleep in a bed.

Accommodation example: Mundaring Weir Hotel. Mundaring, 6073, Australia.

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How to get there

The city of Perth can be reached by flying there for example with Quantas airline from Adelaide, Australia. There are also connections to Perth from big Asian cities, like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Western Australia DEC’s Nature Base
Western Australia DEC’s Nature Base
Western Australia DEC’s Nature Base

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