Packing for Short Trips – The Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack

One of the most important pieces of hiking gear is the hiking pack. The Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack is one that is ideal for those weekend hiking trips or short camping activities. Coming from the well-known backpack manufacturer, Gregory, the Baltoro 70 Pack is exemplary of the quality and comfort that the company is known […]

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Backpack Buying Tips

There are so many choices available for backpacks today that before looking at the details it can be helpful to get a general view. Consider first how much you intend to carry. To a significant degree, that will be determined by how long you intend to hike and in what conditions. An overnight trip in […]

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Choosing Hiking Backpacks

There are as many backpacks on the market today as there are trails to use them on. They come in all sizes and colors, in a range of materials and with enough add-on extras to satisfy the most demanding gadget freak. But let’s just review some of the basics, in order to clear a path […]

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