South Africa

Drakensberg Gardens Area, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

In and Around the Drakensberg Gardens KwaZulu-Natal province is located in South Africa. As of 2007, the population of the province was recorded at a little over 10 million people. There are two mountain ranges that traverse this province, namely, the Lebombo Mountains and the Drakensberg Mountains. The Drakensberg Gardens area is located in the […]

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Trekking The Bushman’s Cave Hiking Trail In South Africa

Known for its unique landscape and cultural diversity, South Africa boasts plenty of national treasures. One way to see the lush landscapes and scenic views of South Africa is to trek the Bushman’s Cave Hiking Trail located at Fouriesburg, Freestate. As one of the several Freestate Hiking Trails, the Bushman’s Cave offers spectacular views and […]

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