Trekking The Bushman’s Cave Hiking Trail In South Africa

Known for its unique landscape and cultural diversity, South Africa boasts plenty of national treasures. One way to see the lush landscapes and scenic views of South Africa is to trek the Bushman’s Cave Hiking Trail located at Fouriesburg, Freestate. As one of the several Freestate Hiking Trails, the Bushman’s Cave offers spectacular views and a glimpse of the region’s diverse birdlife.

Trekking The Bushman’s Cave

The Bushman’s Cave Hiking Trail consists of three smaller tracks with distances ranging from three to sixteen kilometers. These three smaller tracks include the Hoenderkop Hiking Trail, the Old Fort Hiking Trail, and the Bird Trail. All of these smaller hiking trails offer scenic views and easy-paced tracks.

The Hoenderkop Hiking Trail

Through this hiking trail, trekkers will encounter ridges and pristine gulleys leading to a magnificent plateau. This track also offers a spectacular scenery through a half-built castle made of limestone situated on top of a cliff. This castle was orginally made under the plans of a Mr. Hill but it was never completed because there was no enough funds. The incomplete foundation of the castle now served as a breath-taking landmark that hikers and adventure-seekers will surely appreciate. From the unfinished remains of a castle, the track leads back to base camp.

The Old Fort Hiking Trail

This shorter track is easier and is more straightforward. The trail leads to a Bushman’s cave filled with highly valuable pre-historic paintings. These pre-historic artworks provide a glimpse of South Africa’s rich culture and history. After the Bushman’s cave, the trail leads to a ridge that requires a short climb. From the ridge, the path leads to the beautiful ruins of an ancient fort with its origins dating back to the Anglo-Boer War. The path that leads to base camp offers plenty of forestry and more fascinating Bushmen artworks.

The Bird Trail

Birdlovers will certainly enjoy their stay at the Bird Trail because of the diverse wildlife it offers. In this hiking trail, trekkers will marvel at the number of bird species thriving within the area. According to the SA Places Guide, more than a hundred species of birds have been discovered. One of these species is the fascinating Bald Ibis.

Things To consider

According to the Free State Province Tourism’s official website, hikers and trekkers should always bring with them insect repellants if they are to pass through areas wherein malaria is quite common. Moreover, hikers are advised to equip themselves with light and cool clothing due to South Africa’s hot weather. A sturdy pair of walking shoes can handle the region’s terrain but hikers can always bring an extra pair just in case. Other essentials include lots of sunblock, shades, and a hat to combat the harsh South African sun. Having someone in the hiking group who knows first-aid treatments is always a wise idea. For accommodations and available services such as car rentals and tour guides, the Internet is a good source of listings.

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