Drakensberg Gardens Area, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

In and Around the Drakensberg Gardens

KwaZulu-Natal province is located in South Africa. As of 2007, the population of the province was recorded at a little over 10 million people. There are two mountain ranges that traverse this province, namely, the Lebombo Mountains and the Drakensberg Mountains. The Drakensberg Gardens area is located in the Southern portion of the mountain range, which is referred to as Underberg. This is a popular area for tourists, hikers, and passersby because of the mountain range and the numerous natural wonders in and around the area.

The Drakensberg Gardens

The Drakensberg Gardens is an area in South Africa located along the Drakensberg Mountains. Located near Pietermaritzburg and Durban, the gardens can be accessed through the towns of Himeville and Underberg. The area is known for its beautiful sceneries, quiet natural surroundings, and numerous hiking trails. Some of the other activities that normally attract visitors to the area include bird watching, trout fishing, and winter fun. Along the edge of the area lie the Himeville Nature Reserve and the Sani Pass, where visitors can marvel at the natural wonders that surround the area.

The Giant’s Cup Hiking Trail

The Giant’s Cup Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in the area. This trail traverses the Drakensberg Gardens, running from Sani Pass to Bushman’s Nek. The trail passes primarily through mountainous and grassland areas. Along the trail, hikers will be able to admire the small forest patches, as well as the various flora and fauna in the area. This is a long trail that stretches nearly 60 kilometers, taking approximately 5 days to complete. There are numerous huts along the path where hikers can visit and stay at overnight. Two of these huts, Pholela and Swiman, can be reached by vehicle. By starting or finishing at either of these two huts, hikers can shorten their hike by one or two days. Because of its length, this can be classified as a moderate hiking trail. Based on the difficulty of the trail, however, this is a rather straightforward hike, with some steep inclines. Children can also come along on this trip, as long as they are well watched over. Be sure to bring plenty of water, food and sunscreen for the trip ahead.

Other Trails in the Drakensberg Gardens Area

There are numerous other trails in and around the area. In fact some resorts have their own hiking trails for leisurely walking and nature viewing. In fact, the SA Adventure Trails depicts numerous trails in the Drakensberg Gardens Area, offering services such as guiding and overnight accommodations.

Accommodations in the Drakensberg Gardens Area

Since this is a popular destination for hikers and vacationers alike, there are numerous accommodation options in the area. One good example of accommodation in this area is the Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Leisure Resort. This establishment is overlooking Lake KwaNyoni, located at Underberg 3251, South Africa. Click on the following link for more information on the Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Leisure Resort. You can also look at the following map to get a better idea of the location:

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How to Get to the Drakensberg Gardens Area

The closest airport to the Drakensberg Gardens Area is the Durban Airport. The best way to get to the gardens, which are approximately 240 kilometers away, is by ground transportation. Driving through the Underberg area, the gardens are about 30 kilometers further.

Visitor’s Experience of the Drakensberg Gardens
Basic Information on the Drakensberg Gardens

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