The Blue Mountains, Australia

The Heights of the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a plateau located in New South Wales in Australia. It is part of the Greater
Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Site and consists of rugged gorges that have been eroded
through time. The name of the Blue Mountains can be attributed to the presence of many eucalyptus
trees. The trees used to produce oil release an essence that has a resulting effect of blue haze over the peaks.

The Blue Mountains also has several peaks that are appealing to many hikers and mountain climbers. But other than hiking and climbing, the Blue Mountains is also a venue for biking, abseiling, and
canoeing. Also, going on a vacation by the Blue Mountains is an option for many because the
cities that surround it provide comfortable accommodations.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is located beside the Barrington Tops National Park, the Goulburn River, and the
Wollemi National Park. Walking through Hunter Valley can be peaceful but educating because there
are many vineyards, coal production houses, and vast, green fields to see. Also, a walk through
Hunter Valley can be rewarding especially if travelers participate in some wine tasting and take home local produce.

Bells Line of Road

The Bells Line of Road derived its given name from the explorer Archibald Bell Junior who, at nineteen years of age, took the path to reach the Blue Mountains. Today, the Bells Line of Road is one of the main passageways to get to the Blue Mountains. Traveling past the scenic route offered by the Bells Line of Road allows an enjoyment of vast farmland, sandstone cliffs, and bushland.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are three rock formations made of soft sand. Located over Jamison Valley, the
rock formations became such due to erosion and ocean water. Each rock formation has a name,
the first being Gunnedoo, the second being Wimlah, and the third is Meehni. Passing or viewing the
Three Sisters can also facilitate a deeper cultural understanding of the Australian aborigines because the names of the Three Sisters came from the country’s Dreamtime legend.

Jenolan Caves

An increased appreciation for nature’s structural beauty may result from a visit to the Jenolan Caves. The Jenolan Caves are one of the most celebrated caves in the world because the beauty of the
white stalactite formations are breathtaking. Located 175 miles from Sydney’s west side, the
Jenolan Caves are simply enchanting when lit at night.

Accommodation near the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is located near the cities of Blue Mountain, Hawkesbury, Lithgrow and the town
of Oberon so climbers, hikers, and other vacationers can find comfortable accommodations in these
areas. During peak seasons, apartments, bed-and-breakfasts, hostels and hotels are open to
tourists. The rates for the rent of such lodging facilities vary from one city to another.

Travelers and vacationers can reach their hotels or travel around cities using cabs, buses, and trains. Those planning to go on an outdoor adventure to the Blue Mountains may also travel in the same manner.

For more information on accommodations and transportation, visit.

Accommodation example:Lilianfels Blue Mountains Hotel, Resort and Spa, NSW. Lilianfels
Avenue, Katoomba, NSW 2780, Australia.

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How to get there

From any New South Wales airport, it is easy to get to the Blue Mountains using cars and taxi services. Car rentals and special taxi services can be cheaper compared with regular taxis and can provide more privacy. On the other hand, to get to the Blue Mountains from a hotel or any lodging facility, trains, cabs or buses may be taken.

Hunter Valley
Blue Mountains
Bells Line of Road
Three Sisters
Jenolan Caves
Way to Travel to the Blue Mountains

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