Queensland, Australia: Lamington National Park

Bushwalking at Lamington National Park

The “land down under” is known for its amazing landscapes and national parks that have gained international recognition. One such park is the Lamington National Park located at Queensland, Australia. Included in U.N.’s World Heritage List, this national park boasts lush sub-tropical forests, extensive hiking and walking trails, age-old plant and animal species, and breath-taking sceneries. Travelers from around the globe flock to this national park in order to experience the best of Australia’s Sunshine State.

Hiking Tracks at Lamington National Park

Covering a land area of 20,590 hectares, Lamington National Park boasts a variety of bushwalking trails ranging from easy tracks to challenging paths that may require extensive hiking experience. When visiting Queensland’s Lamington National Park, drop by any of these fascinating hiking trails:

Python Rock

This hiking track begins at 800 meters downhill from the park’s information center. Parking spaces are available at the trail entrance. Scenic views of Lost World, Castle Crag, and Morans Falls are best seen through the Python Rock Lookout, just 1.6 km away from the trail entrance. When trekking this path, expect to see or hear ancient masked mountain frogs as the track passes through a rainforest and a eucalypt forest. According to Queensland’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), numerous fire-adapted plants thrive in the area such as hakea, several types of wildflowers, and grass trees.

Box Forest Circuit

Beginning at 1.8 km from the park’s entrance, this hiking trail goes directly to Elabana Falls and Picnic Rock. Encompassing an area known for its ancient brush box species, the track goes through a lush rainforest before it reaches the pristine Elabana Falls.

West Canungra Creek Circuit

See the living descendants of ancient terrestrial reptiles by hiking through the West Canungra Creek Circuit. This part of the national park is home to the leaf-tailed gecko, a species that’s endemic to this area of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, a wildlife sanctuary and ecological wonder that is recognized as a World Heritage site. Be aware that this hiking trail requires a high degree of experience and fitness level. This track involves several creek crossings and the track may not be obvious at all times. It’s best to check track conditions with a ranger before hitting the trail.

Caves Circuit

This fascinating hiking trail starts at the park’s information center and passes through the road entrance of Binna Burra Lodge. Caves Circuit boasts an open forest area and a cliff line boasting unique rhyolite formations and a series of overhanging caves. Excellent views of the Coomera Valley and the Darlington Range can be seen through this trail. This part of the park serves as a home to white-throated treecreepers which are members of one of the most ancient families of songbirds. Cuddly koalas can also be spotted when trekking through this area.

Accommodation at Lamington National Park

The main campground area of the park is located at the Green Mountains section, just 200 meters away from the QWPS (Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service) Information Center. A nearby guest house and lodge offers alternative accommodation options. Nearby towns within the Gold Coast area also offer various accommodations. For more details, visit Queensland EPA’s official website.

Accommodation example: Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, Lamington National Park, Beechmont, Queensland 4211, Australia

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How to get to Lamington National Park

The park is just a two-hour drive away from the city of Brisbane. When getting to the park’s Green Mountains section, drive to Canungra via Nerang if coming from Broadbeach. When coming from the north, pass through Pacific Motorway’s exit 34 which leads to Beenleigh. When going to the park’s Binna Burra section, drive to Beechmont via Nerang. When coming from the north, take Pacific Motorway’s exit 34. For more information, visit official travel sites.

EPA Queensland
EPA Queensland

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