White Oak, Stafford County, Virginia

The Majestic Falls of White Oak Canyon

Stafford County is located in the northern region of the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States. This county is part of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The population, as of the year 2007, is estimated at over 120,000. Forbes Magazine ranked Stafford County number twelve for the highest income in America. The total area of the county is recorded at approximately 280 square miles, with 270 of those consisting of land.

White Oak

White Oak is one of the localities within the county of Stafford. Located about 95 miles from the city of Stafford, this area is well known for its many hiking trails, many of which are ranked among the top 40 in America. One of the biggest attractions in the area is White Oak Canyon, which brings visitors from all around the country. Magnificent waterfalls and panoramic canyon views line these trails. The Blue Ridge Mountains, which are part of Shenandoah National Park, bring in numerous hikers who wish to see the beautiful areas of White Oak Canyon and the other destinations in the area.

White Oak Canyon Falls Trail

This popular hiking trail is just one of the many scenic routes around White Oak Canyon. There is an abundance of waterfalls in the area, with one of the hikers claiming to have lost count at 45 falls. Hikers can choose among a number of hiking loops, depending on their experience, and how long they wish to hike for. With routes ranging in difficulty from beginner to moderate, the White Oak Canyon Falls Trail is a ideal for any hiker, including children. The trail also passes by a number of pools, in which hikers can take a dip for a bit of relaxation along the journey. The White Oak Canyon Trail will take around 4 hours to complete, covering a distance of 4.8 miles and an elevation gain of around 1,200 feet.

White Oak Canyon, Cedar Run

Cedar Run is another trail that tours around White Oak Canyon. This hike is nearly 8 miles long, allowing for around 5 hours of hiking. With an elevation gain of 2,450 feet, this hike combines awesome views and adventurous fun. Numerous pools and small waterfalls, as well as five major falls, can all be seen or accessed along this trail. Basically, this trail begins at the bottom of the valley, goes through Cedar Run, and ends at White Oak Canyon. Like the White Oak Canyon Falls Trail, this trail offers much in the way of eye candy for a hike that is not too strenuous, yet satisfyingly challenging.

Accommodations Around White Oak Canyon

The popularity of this beautiful location has resulted in the development of numerous accommodation options for those who visit. Two such examples near White Oak Canyon is the Skyland Resort and the Berry Hill Estate. Located at 3105 River Road South Boston, Virginia 24592, the Berry Hill Estate is near White Oak Canyon. For more information on this destination and its contact details, follow this link. You can also use the following map for reference:
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How to Get to White Oak Canyon

The nearest airport to White Oak Canyon is the Stafford Regional Airport. From there, or any other nearby airport, Shenandoah National Park can be reached by ground, and White Oak Canyon can be trekked by foot along one of the hiking trails.

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