Salisbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Baring Bear Mountain

Salisbury, Connecticut is a small town in Litchfield County, Connecticut. This town is on the tri-state border between Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. Salisbury has a total area of over 60 square miles with a population of nearly 4,000 people, according to the census of 2000. The Taconic Mountains runs through the town, lending its natural beauty to the area’s residents, visitors, and passersby. Bear Mountain is the highest peak in Connecticut, and it is located in Salisbury. The mountain is part of the Mount Riga State Park, which runs through Salisbury. The southern slope of Mount Frissell is the highest point in Connecticut and it, too, is located in Salisbury.

Bear Mountain

At just over 2,300 feet, Bear Mountain is the highest peak in Connecticut, offering amazing views, abundant woodlands, and challenging hiking trails. This destination is a popular hiking destination in the state, and it is ranked among the top 15 hiking destinations in the country. In 1885, an 8-foot tall stone pyramid was built on the summit of the mountain. The magical spot provides a panoramic view from which hikers can see numerous other peaks in the Taconic Mountains, including those in Massachusetts. Some of the famous mountains that can be seen from this peak include Mt Everett and Mt Frissell. Aside from these, those who attempt Bear Mountain will likely encounter wildlife such as deer, coyote and various species of birds. With all of this, plus lush forests and beautiful wildflowers, those who can bare the trails of Bear Mountain will have an experience to remember.

Trails Leading to Bear Mountain

Two main trails run through Bear Mountain, these are the Appalachian and Undermountain Trails. These two trails intersect on Bear Mountain, providing hikers with different routes to choose from. It is said that beginning on the Undermountain Trail is a less challenging hike than beginning on the Appalachian Trail. This is essentially because the latter route is longer, although the first route is more strenuous. Regardless of the route that you choose to take when hiking up Bear Mountain, the views, wildlife and hike itself are all worth the challenge. The Appalachian Trail has numerous campsites for those who want to take their time in the area. Another trail that is often used to hike up Bear Mountain is Paradise Lane Trail. Depending on which trail you take and where you begin your trek, the hikes up Bear Mountain can range between four and twelve miles in distance.

Other Hiking Destinations

There are numerous other hiking destinations and trails running into, out of and through Salisbury. Falls Village is another venue within the area that is part of this mountainous region. Likewise, Mount Frissell has its own trail with thick forests and a populated wildlife.

Accommodation in Salisbury, Connecticut

Perhaps the most abundant form of accommodations in Salisbury, Connecticut are bed and breakfasts and inns. Since this area is along the tri-state boundary, there are also numerous accommodation options in Massachusetts and New York from which Bear Mountain trails can be reached. One good example of the numerous accommodation options available to those who visit this area is Interlaken Inn. The address of the establishment is 74 Interlaken Road, Route 112 Lakeville, Connecticut 06039. Click on the added link for more information on the Interlaken Inn or check out the following map:

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How to get to Salisbury

You can get to Salisbury by air or by ground transportation. Main highways and roads lead in and out of Salisbury. In fact, there are main roads that run right along the Mount Riga State Park, which is East of Bear Mountain, and another main road runs West of Bear Mountain.

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