Mexico’s El Cielo Biosphere Park

Heavenly Sceneries on Trails of El Cielo

Considered as one of Mexico’s natural hidden treausres, El Cielo Biosphere Park is a state reserve recognized internationally by UNESCO. This spectacular hiking destination boasts a variety of endemic plant and animal species, amazing sceneries, and a one-of-a-kind cloud forest that makes El Cielo a heaven on earth. Such a unique hiking destination is aptly named because according to GORP, the word “cielo” is the Spanish term for heaven or sky.

Hiking Through the Trails of El Cielo

One reason why this hiking destination stands out from the rest is that it encompasses four ecological zones – mountain forest, heath forest, tropical jungle, and dwarf and pine oak forest. El Cielo is literally a hiker’s paradise because of its various off-road trails ranging from moderate to challenging routes. So whether it’s a short hike, a half-day hike, or a long trekking adventure through the jungle, El Cielo is the place to be. When hiking along El Cielo’s spectacular trails, make sure to include these highlights in the itinerary:

Tropical Forest

Experience the best of Mother Nature by trekking the tropical forest of El Cielo. This dense ecological wonder boasts an array of exotic plant and animal species that’ll surely make any hiking trip an unforgettable experience.

Exotic Bird Species

El Cielo is known for its collection of unique bird species. While hiking, expect to hear a lot of birds ranging from the mountain trogon, boat-billed flycatcher, yellow warbler, green jay, spotted wren, bronze-winged woodpecker, and other fascinating flying creatures.

Charming Villages

Aside from plant and animal species, the El Cielo Biosphere Park is also home to several local villages. Such villages offer a glimpse of Mexico’s rich culture and history, with many of the local residents working as guides or staff members of nearby lodges.

Hiking Tips

Don’t hesitate to hire the services of local guides and tour groups since these people are very friendly and welcoming. There are year-round tours but the best time to visit Mexico’s El Cielo Biosphere Park is during summer months. Avoid challenging hikes during September and August because these are the rainiest months. For nature lovers who wish to hike the trails of this ecological park, the best time to go is during October to November – butterflies are abundant in these months – and during May and June – bird-watching is best done within this period. The Mexican jaguar also considers El Cielo a natural habitat so exercise proper caution and common sense when trekking through the jungle. When further exploring the area, renting a horse and a guide is a soothing alternative for tired and aching legs.

Accommodation in El Cielo, Mexico

Many lodges in this area are found at Alta Cima, a charming town brimming with such a rustic and homey ambiance. Community-owned lodges are also sprinkled within the reserve, offering a variety of comfortable rooms and delicious local delicacies. Many local residents are happy to help out tourists with basic necessities such as food, gas, parking space, and sleeping quarters. For more information, visit travel sites that offer comprehensive listings of accommodation options within the area.

Accommodation example: Hotel El Pino, Alta Cima, Tamaulipas, Mexico

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How to Get to El Cielo Biosphere Park

From the U.S./ Mexico border, this ecological park is just over a half-day’s drive. From the capital of Tamaulipas, Mexico (Ciudad Victoria), this hiker’s paradise is just a one and a half-hour drive. When traveling by road, take the Gomez Farias road and continue driving to Alta Cima. When bringing a vehicle, make sure that it can handle rough terrains. For more details on how to get to El Cielo, visit the official site of GORP or Mexico Less Traveled.

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