Mexico’s Copper Canyon

Experience Mexico through Copper Canyon

Experience the beauty of Mexico through the Copper Canyon situated within the state of Chihuahua. To preserve the beautiful landscapes, the Copper Canyon National Park was established by the Mexican government. Copper Canyon actually consists of 6 individual canyons encompassing the Sierra Tarahumara located at Chihuahua’s southwestern region. A famous hiking trail within this canyon is the Cerocahui-to-Batopilas route.

The Spectacular Cerocahui-to-Batopilas Trail

This hiking trail boasts plenty of unique flora and fauna. Going through this trail means passing through 3 different ecological zones. The famous Copper Canyon train provides convenient transportation services as the tour continues. For a more unforgettable experience in Mexico, the following highlights should be part of any hiking trip along Copper Canyon:

Tarahumara Indian Burial Cave

Hiking along this burial cave offers a glimpse of the area’s unique plant and animal species. History lovers will surely enjoy this area because it serves as a link between Mexico’s rich history and prevalent traditions.

El Cajon Canyon and Tarahumara Indian Ranchitos

These specific areas within Copper Canyon offer a spectacular view of the tierra. Relaxing yet exhilarating, these highlights will surely make any hiking trip more memorable.

Pueblo of Urique

This charming pueblo exudes the best of Mexican culture. Situated at the bottom of the canyon, this was actually a town known for its gold-mining sites. Currently, the quaint pueblo of Urique is a commercial center and county seat.

Los Alisos

Los Alisos is a now ghost town that was once a thriving community. Due to a wild shootout, the community was divided and Los Alisos gradually became a ghost town. Orchards brimming with mango, lime, and grapefruit trees add a charming touch to this once idyllic community.


A charming town located near Batopilas river at a canyon’s bottom, Batopilas offers a glimpse of Mexico’s early silver-mining industry. Established by Spanish colonizers during the 16th century, Batopilas is now a popular tourist attraction.

Hiking Tips

According to Hidden Trails, it’s advisable to travel within a group or hiking company since this is a back-country hike. It’s easy to get lost along winding trails because there are no official trail markers or signs. First-aid kits with sunblock and bug spray along with enough water and food provisions are essential. Traveling with a reputable hiking company also ensures that there are enough pack animals which can be used during emergencies and when bringing luggages. Basic Spanish-speaking skills are quite helpful especially when asking directions from the locals.

Accommodation within Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from high-quality hotels to quaint ranchitos (little ranches) exuding a rustic and homey ambiance. The nearby area of Cerocahui offers several accommodation options where delicious local delicacies are served along with high-quality customer service. Several local travel and hiking companies also offer accommodation options. For more information on accommodation options near Copper Canyon, visit official tourist sites.

Accommodation example: Hotel Paraiso del Oso, Cerocahui, Cerocahui 31149, Mexico

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How to get To Copper Canyon

Going to Copper Canyon is fairly easy since there are several flights coming from nearby local and American states to the General Roberto Fierro de Villalobos International Airport. When traveling by land, the city of Chihuahua is linked to major highways. For more details on how to get to and from Copper Canyon, simply check out official travel sites. Other travel options include car rental services and by train. For a chance to view the region’s spectacular landscape, a train trip from Los Mochis is highly advisable.

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