Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Discover the Wonders of Cyprus through the Troodos Hiking Trails

Located in the center of the island nation of Cyprus is the Troodos Mountains. The Troodos Mountains, which is the biggest mountain range in Cyprus, is considered by many as a walker’s paradise. Hikers and trekkers enjoy hiking vacations in the picture-perfect scenery that the Troodos Mountains offers. Taking long walks along the different Troodos backpacking trails might lead them to scented pine forests, crystal clear waterfalls, and open scenic views.

Which Troodos Mountains hiking trail to pursue

The Troodos Mountains is covered by four main trails. Choosing which Troodos hiking trail to pursue depends on the traveler’s preferred hiking destination. Hikers who wish to have a closer look at the highest peak in the Troodos Mountains can choose the Atalante trail that goes round the 1,952-meter high Mount Olympus. Although it features a longer journey than the others, the Atalante trail involves a visit to the mountain countryside with breathtaking views. Another notable sight along the Atalante trail is the Chromium Mine entrance.

The start of the narrow Persephone trail is located near the Troodos police station. Along the Persephone trail, hikers can pass through pine forests and military camps. After the slight undulation along the woods, hikers can get awesome views of the Pano Amiandos asbestos mines over the valley.

Hikers can experience a relatively easy walk along the Kalidonia trail by passing through shaded pine forests. This trail also involves crossing narrow streams via stepping stones. The main attraction along the Kalidonia trail is the picturesque Caledonian Waterfalls, where hikers can enjoy swims in the shallow pools and picnics at the waterfall base.

The recommended hiking trail for beginners is the Artemis trail. Starting on Mount Olympus road, beginners can enjoy the easy-to-follow smooth-surfaced path along the Artemis trail. Birdwatchers along the Artemis trail may spot Griffon vultures, eagles, hoopoes, and nightingales. The highlight of the hike along Artemis trail is the village of Prodromos, the winter sports center of Cyprus.

Hiking along the Troodos trails will also give you the chance to visit any of the nine Byzantine churches included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. These historical churches featuring some of the greatest artworks from the Byzantine period are Stavros tou Ayiasmati, Panayia tou Araka, Timiou Stavrou at Pelendri, Ayios Nikolaos tis Stegis, Panayia Podithu, Assinou, Ayios loannis Lampadistis, Panayia tou Moutoula, and Archangel Michael at Pedhoulas. Another must-see religious establishment is the Kykkos Monastery.

How to prepare for the Troodos Mountains hiking adventure

Tourists and locals alike can enjoy hiking and trekking along the Troodos trails all-year long, but the occasional winter rains from November until March might make the walk a bit more difficult. It is always sunny in the Troodos Mountains despite the occasional winter rains, so it is advisable to wear hats or apply sunscreens as a protection against the piercing rays of the sun. The Troodos Mountains terrain is often rough so it is also recommended for hikers and trekkers to invest on good quality hiking boots and walking sticks.

Where to find Troodos Mountains accommodations

Many hotels, apartments, guesthouses, villas, and camping sites surround the Troodos Mountains area. Tourists will enjoy their stay in any of the lodging establishments near Troodos because Cyprians are known for their hospitality and generosity. Hikers can expect excellent services from the friendly Cyprian locals. For more information on Troodos Mountains accommodations, check out the Visit Cyprus website

Accommodation example:Livadhia Guesthouses, Arch. Makarios Avenue 9, Lemesos, Cyprus

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How to Get to the Troodos Mountains Hiking Trail

Many companies offer car rental services in Cyprus. Hikers may avail their services to travel all the way to the Troodos Mountains with the help of a map and some Cyprian locals on the way. For hikers who wish to be personally picked-up from the airport may opt for local taxis or rural buses.

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