The French Alps

Skiing and More in the heart of Europe

The French Alps is a European mountain range that lies across the countries Austria, Slovenia, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Its name is derived from the Latin words albus (white) and altus (high). The French Alps is also popular for one of its mountains, Mont Blanc, rising to 15,774 feet or 4,808 meters above sea level on the Italian-French boundary.

Because it is such a wondrous place to see, the French Alps now accommodates 200 resorts where snowboarders, skiers, hikers, and other vacationers can lodge comfortably. The lush fields with wildflowers, trees, and various mountain animals complete the sights that boaters, bikers, and rafters appreciate.

Mont Blanc

A trip to France is not complete without seeing Mont Blanc, the highest mountain of the French Alps. It is located near Chamonix and in the middle of Aosta Valley, Haute-Savoie, and Italy and is a place for both easy and difficult mountain climbing. A difficult climb to the peak of Mont Blanc involves dealing with unstable weather and harsh temperatures. An easy climb, on the other hand, involves a very steep hike. Because of such conditions over the terrain of Mont Blanc, hikers and climbers are advised to be in top shape before following a hiking trail.

Mont Maudit

A climb up Mont Maudit may be less difficult for some considering that the mountain is 4,465 meters above sea level. Mont Maudit is part of the Mont Blanc Massif located in between France and Italy and has gentler slopes of snow. Climbing Mont Maudit could be exhausting, so climbers have to be well prepared to make a seven-hour ascent.

Dome du Gouter

The four-faced mountain in the family of Mont Blanc mountains is the third highest peak. It rises 4,304 meters and has a flat snowy top. Also, Dome du Gouter is connected to three other heights, the Bionnassay in the west, the Aiguille du outer in the northwest, and the Mont Blanc Bosses ridge in the south east.

Mont Blanc du Tacul

Part of the difficult ascent to Mont Blanc is Mont Blanc du Tacul, which rises 4,248 meters or 13,933 feet above sea level. The Traverse Route to Mont Blanc includes passing through the Mont Blanc du Tacul, as the first of the three peaks. The passage through Mont Blanc du Tacul can be quite challenging, interesting, and dark because climbers have to start off late at night.

Grandes Jorasses

Otherwise known as Matterhorn, Grandes Jorasses has a majestic and overpowering structure, rising to 4,208 meters above sea level. It connects several summits including Pointe Young, Punta Elena, Punta Margherita, Pointe Croz, Pointe Walker, and Pointe Whymper. Grande Jorasses, because of its structure, is considered as the queen mountain of the French Alps.

Accommodation near the French Alps

France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany offer comfortable accommodations for those on a climbing or hiking vacation. Apartments, bed-and-breakfasts, hostels, and hotels are open to tourists especially during peak seasons. Also, the rates of the accommodations near the French Alps differ.

Travelers may take trains, cabs, and buses to visit destinations near their lodging facilities or to get to the French Alps. For more information on accommodations, visit.

Accommodation example:Hotel Ibis Lyon Part Dieu Gare, Lyon. Place Pierre Renaudel, 69003 Lyon, France.

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How to get there

From the Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, travelers can reach the city of Lyon by car or taxi services. Taxi services and car rentals may be cheaper than regular taxis depending on the company offering the services. Also, Lyon may be reached through trains, particularly the TGV train.

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