The Cape Breton Highlands of Canada

The Spectacular Cape Breton

Nature lovers and amateur hikers will surely enjoy Canada’s Cape Breton Highlands. Situated at Nova Scotia, this spectacular national park boasts more than 20 hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty. According to Parks Canada, these hiking trails offer a glimpse of Nova Scotia’s amazing river valleys, coastlines, and highlands. Accessibility is never a problem in this park since a couple of trails can be traversed by wheelchair-bound travelers.

Hiking Trails within Cape Breton Highlands

There are over 20 hiking trails to choose from when visiting the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Some of these exciting hiking trails include the following:


This hiking trail offers various scenic landscapes involving Nova Scotia’s canyons and coastlines. This loop trail has a total length of 9.6 kilometers.

Fishing Cove

A hiking trail that’s perfect for sea lovers, this trail encompasses a descent to a rugged coastline. The total length of this trail including the return trip is about 16 kilometers.

Lone Shieling “e”

This route involves plenty of fascinating sugar maple trees that have survived more than 3 centuries. A quaint hut which is actually modeled after a Scottish crofter’s humble lodgings is one of the highlights of this hiking path.

MacIntosh Brook

Traversing this trail means seeing a lot of ancient trees as part of an old hardwood forest. A pristine waterfall cascading down like a maiden’s hair full of shimmering ornaments makes this hiking route a favorite destination.

Glasgow Lakes Lookoff

While traversing this trail, enjoy picturesque views consisting of majestic plateaus, highlands, and spectacular sandy land areas.

Le Buttereau “e”

This hiking path offers an amazing glimpse of the Acadian history. For a more romantic experience, this trail is a perfect destination because of its amazing sunsets. Charming views of the ocean can also be seen through this trail. Bird-watching is a popular activity within this area because of the various bird species found along the trail.


This hiking route offers an overlooking view of the rugged coastline. Aside from bird-watching, whale-watching is also a popular activity within this area. The dramatic offered by this hiking trail serves as the perfect backdrop for a solitary hike or for a family adventure. This loop trail has a total length of 8.7 kilometers.

Experience the Canadian Wildlife

Wildlife within this region are many and varied. Examples of unique animal species that can be encountered during a hiking trip include moose, bald eagles, and black bears. Rare species such as the Gaspe Shrew and the Bicknell’s Thrush are also found within the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Accommodation Options

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park offers an array of lodges, guest houses, inns, and other accommodation options. Campgrounds with shower facilities are also scattered throughout designated locations within the park. Accommodation within and near the national park range from rustic inns to modern lodges that offer microwave oven facilities. For more information, simply visit the official website of Parks Canada.

Accommodation example: River Trail Cottages, Margaree Centre, Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia BOE 1Z0, Canada

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How to get to Cape Breton Highlands National Park

It’s quite easy to get into this national park since a part of the Cabot Trail – a major highway in Nova Scotia – passes through the park. The nearest airport is located in Sydney. From Sydney, travel to Trans Canada Highway 105 by taking route 125. Take the Cabot Trail located at St. Ann’s or the Englishtown ferry. For more details on how to get to this park, visit the official website of Parks Canada or any official travel site.

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