The Bavarian Forest of Germany

Breath-taking Woodlands in the Heart of Europe

Situated at South-eastern Germany, the Bavarian Forest is the country’s first-ever national park. Established in 1970, this landmark boasts beautiful landscapes and unique species of plants and animals. As the biggest closed woodland area in Central Europe, it is enclosed between the Austrian Border/ Bohemian Forest and the Danube River. This “Green Roof” of Europe offers historic hiking trails used by early glass and salt traders. This is also where Arber Mountain is found, the highest peak within the region.

Historic Trails within the Bavarian Forest National Park

In early times, over 60 glass works have made this area their home. The “Gläserner Steig” trail is definitely a must-try for thrill-seekers and nature lovers. This historic trail opens the door to Germany’s early glass industry. When hiking through this path, the presence of glass works can still be seen and felt, as a dozen glass works still exist. Another hiking trail worth trekking is the “Route vom Lamer Winkel.” According to Germany Tourism, this trail has total length of 99 km and it encompasses charming glass manufacturing villages that have stood the test of time. Some of these quaint villages include Spiegelau, Zwiesel, and Riedelhütte.

Other trails include the Watzlik-Hain Trail, the Schachten Trail, and the Seelensteig Trail that’s also known as the “meditation trail.” These hiking paths offer a glimpse of Germany’s giant primeval trees, spectacular moorlands, and pastures. The park’s rock exploration area is perfect for those looking for a bit of hiking challenge – a hiking loop along a rocky mountain. Aside from challenging hikes, the rock exploration area also offers panoramic lookout points and fascinating steps that were cut into the rocky floor.

Hiking Tips

Before hitting the trails, it’s wise to check out first the weather since the climate within this area is quite unpredictable. Make sure that hiking gears or outfits are well-suited for several types of weather. Visiting the park’s visitor center is an ideal first stop before trekking any trail. As for the camping sites, check out the designated locations and make sure that all the camping safety rules and regulations are followed.

Whether it’s a planned hiking tour or a spur-of-the-moment trip to Bavaria, Germany, trekking the beautiful landscapes of this national park is simply a unique experience. Aside from fascinating hiking trails, this national park also offers a variety of unique wildlife species such as herds of bison, Ural owls, ravens, eagle owls, otters, pygmy owls, capercaillies, three-toed woodpeckers, and hazel grouse. The Bavarian Forest National Park is also the perfect destination for family trips. A play area serves as a green paradise for children who wish to experience the best of Mother Nature.

Accommodation Options at the Bavarian Forest National Park

A variety of inns, apartments, hotels, and guest houses are available within the area. Many of the accommodation facilities offer a charming and rustic ambiance along with good food. Quaint restaurants and shops are also scattered throughout the area. For more information regarding accommodation sites and dining establishments, simply check out official travel sites that feature the best of Germany.

Accommodation example: Bavarian Forest Holidays, Waldschmidtstrasse 1, 94252, Bayerisch Eisenstein, Germany

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How to get to Bavarian Forest National Park

When driving from UK, the route from motorway Calais to Regensburg and then to Deggendorf is a good suggestion. Then just follow country roads that lead to Bayerisch Eisenstein. As for air travelers, several airlines from various countries have flights going to Linz, Nuernberg, Prague, or Munich. From these destinations, travel by car and follow the country road that leads to Bayerisch Eisenstein. For more information regarding other travel options, check out the official tourism website of Germany.

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