Sinai Peninsula of Egypt

A Trek for the Ages

The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, Africa is a place that has become known throughout the ages as a biblically historical area. Situated in between the Red Sea (south) and the Mediterranean Sea (north), the peninsula has the shape of an inverted triangle. Covering approximately 60,000 square kilometers in area, this peninsula is commonly referred to as the Land of Fayrouz. The population of the area is split in between the number of provinces that govern it. As of 2008, the population of the Sinai Peninsula, including the busy area of Port Said, reached over 850,000 people.

Mount Sinai

The Sinai Peninsula gains its fame through Mount Sinai. This mountain is known as the mountain where God passed down the laws to the Israelites, as received by Moses. As one of the most popular hiking destinations in the world, Mount Sinai brings in people from the world over to hike, take a camel ride, and tour around the areas of Mount Sinai and the rest of the Sinai Peninsula. With a peak of 2,285 meters, Mount Sinai is a sizable but achievable hike for anyone to attempt. There are numerous trails leading up to the summit of this historical mountain.

St. Katherine Mountain

Saint Katherine Mountain holds the highest peek in the Sinai range. There are also numerous hiking trails beginning from nearby villages. One of the most popular destinations in this area is St. Katherine Monastery, which has its roots in the biblical history of the area. The valleys between the mountains in the Sinai range have been formed over years of weathering through melting snow and falling rains. Sites of the beautiful valleys, rising mountain peaks, and volcanic rock formations reward all those who take the time to hike either St. Katherine Mountain or Mount Sinai.

Hiking Trails in the Sinai Range

There are many methods of touring the area of Mount Sinai and the mountain range it belongs to. From jeep and camel rides to foot hikes and combined tours, visitors have much to choose from. Many people who enjoy hiking take one of the hiking and camel assisted tours. These can last in between 3 and 10 days, depending on the trail choice and other factors. For those who want experience a good mix of travel types, combined tours also offer 4×4-jeep adventures, camel treks, and foot hikes all around this intriguing area. Combined tours can take between 5 and 10 days, focusing mainly on the High, Central, and Eastern Range of Sinai. Even for those who are not willing to go by foot, there are still adventurous treks for you to take, including the 4×4 jeep tour.

Accommodations in and around Sinai

Since this is a popular spot for hikers, vacationers, and those who are curious about its biblical significance, there are numerous accommodation options for its visitors. Hotels, inns, and other accommodation options are located in the nearby town of Dahab, as well as in the areas around Mount Sinai. One of the more popular choices for accommodation is the Red Sea Relax Hotel. For more information on this resort, which is located at PO Box 78, Lighthouse Street South Sinai, Dahab, EGYPT, click here. You can also check out the following map for reference:

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How to get to Sinai

There are numerous ways to get to the Sinai Peninsula. One can arrive by air, sea, or ground transportation. The closest airport to the Sinai Range, including both Mt. Sinai and St. Katherine Mt., is the Mount Sinai Airport. Main roads run east and west along the Sinai area, making the place easily accessible by land, once upon the peninsula.

Mount Sinai, Egypt
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