Shoes Meet Boots in the Keen Targhee II Mid

Hiking shoes are an essential piece of hiking gear. Because hiking requires constant walking in various weather conditions and on various surfaces, it is important that hikers are well protected from these different elements. There are basically two kinds of footwear that are commonly used by hikers: hiking boots and hiking shoes. Boots offer extra protection at the cost of mobility and weight, while shoes offer better mobility and have less weight at the cost of ankle and foot protection. The Keen Targhee II Mid is a pair of hiking shoes that seeks to strike a balance between these two extremes.

The Keen Targhee II Mid offers good mobility, is light weight, and provides extra ankle support. These features are achieved through its design. The design of these shoes features a mid-cut boot, that rises midway to the ankle. Such a design offers protection for the feet and ankles, while cutting down on weight, since it is not a full boot. Coined by the Keen Targhee II Mid product page as “4 wheel drive for your feet,” these shoes are a versatile and well-rounded option for those looking to get the most out of their hiking shoes.

These shoes are made from different materials, which all work together to provide protection and performance to the wearer. The upper boot is made out of leather webbing mesh, while the lining is made out of woven textile. Its sole is made of carbon non-marking rubber. Keen’s Targhee II Mid features the eVENT Waterproof Barrier, which maintains breathability while offering waterproofing features. Torsion stability, S3 Heel support structure, and the Dual Density Compression Molded EVA midsole all offer added comfort to the wearer for a better fit. Overall, the Keen Targhee II Mid is a good pair of hiking shoes that can perform well in different weather conditions.

Keen Targhee II Mid product page

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