Hong Kong’s Sharp Peak

Hike Hong Kong’s Sharp Peak

Despite the presence of commercialized streets brimming with shopping centers and tourist attractions, Hong Kong is home to some of the region’s most stunning hiking destinations. One such part of Hong Kong that attracts plenty of adventure-seekers is the Sai Kung East Country Park. This is where Sharp Peak is located, a majestic mountain reaching a height of 468 meters according to Hong Kong’s Tourism board.

Hiking up Hong Kong’s Sharp Peak

To get to the top of this majestic peak, a KMB bus trip to Wong Shek Pier from Diamond Hill’s Plaza Hollywood is a good suggestion. At Wong Shek Pier, take a ferry ride to Ko Lau Wan, a fishing village with charming Taoist temples. A hiking trail starts at this fishing village, and leads to an ascending grassy path. This grassy trail boasts plenty of scenic mountain and coastal views.

The main route actually covers stage 2 of the Maclehose trail. Along this part of the trail is the Chek Keng village, situated at the southern tail of Long Harbor. Abandoned paddy fields help create a serene and relaxing environment for hikers.

As the hiking trail goes up, the climb becomes challenging. The trail continues on to Tai Long Au, which preps hikers for the hike up Sharp Peak. Turning left, the gravel trail at Tai Long Au leads to Sharp Peak. Along this part of the trail, the beautiful Tai Long Wan boasts Sai Kung’s magnificent coastline. Looking to the south, the Tai Mun Shan peak can be seen.

The hiking route becomes leveled for a while as it winds around Tai Long valley’s western rim. The next part is a stoney path — it’s a bit of a struggle in here because of the loose stones. It then leads to rocky patches and into a steep, weather-beaten trail. To the right are other gentler but longer paths to the top of Sharp Peak. Once the top is reached, the true beauty of Sai Kung emerges. This scenic view is definitely worth the effort.

Going down from Sharp Peak can get tricky; a walking stick can come in handy. From Sharp Peak, an option is to descend to the Tai Long Beach. The nearby village of Ham Tin can be a reststop. After resting at Ham Tin, a hike through the abandoned Tai Long village is one option. Then the trail leads to Chek Keng, where sampan rides are available.

For specific tour plans going to Sharp Peak, visit the site of the Hong Kong Tourism board.

What to bring when hiking to Sharp Peak

When hiking to Hong Kong’s Sharp Peak, it’s best to bring enough clothing, proper gear such as hiking boots, and waterproof jackets. A windbreaker is perfect especially if hiking through this trail during cold days. A hat along with plenty of sun block that offers at least 15 SPF are essential items when hiking through this trail during hot summer days.

Accommodation in Sharp Peak

This country park has several camping sites that offer hikers a chance to further experience the wild side of Hong Kong. Hostels are also available within nearby Chek Keng.

Accommodation example: Royal Park, 8 Pak Ting Street, Shatin Kowloon, Hong Kong

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How to get to Sharp Peak

To get to Sharp Peak, there are several bus trips going to Wong Shek Pier. A nearby airport is the Hong Kong International Airport. For more information on bus routes, schedules, and public transportation services going to and from Sai Kung Peninsula, visit Hong Kong’s official Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation site.

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