Hiking Outside the Box – The Kayland Vertigo High

Hiking boots are essential to those who frequently go on hiking trips that require excellent protection in varying weather or trail conditions. As opposed to hiking shoes, hiking boots normally come in high-cut models that protect the feet and ankles completely. One of the most notable brands of hiking boots is the Kayland Vertigo High. Kayland’s motto, “a step ahead,” is true to the company’s dedication to technological innovation in their footwear for outdoor activities. The Kayland Vertigo High is a product that makes use of different materials and technologies in order to offer the best comfort, protection, and functionality.

The Kayland Vertigo High is made for almost any weather condition suitable for hiking. These versatile hiking boots feature a combination of leather and textile materials for their upper design. This product is ergonomically shaped to offer the best comfort and padding for the heels, ankles, soles, and feet in general. Kayland Vertigo High boots can handle backpacking loads of up to 50 pounds, while the shoes only have an average weight of 50 ounces themselves. These boots also make use of Kayland’s Integrated Absorbing Drive System (IADS Pro). As a shock-absorption system, the IADS provides optimal protection, stability, and forward propulsion, which are all advantageous in outdoor treks.

Kayland has been always known for its technological innovation; so it is no surprise that the Vertigo High makes use of some of these technologies. Kayland’s Engineered Composite Technology (ECT) insole is meant to provide maximum comfort for the sole. On the outer sole, the “Vibram Tsavo” design is used, which gives the boots enhanced traction and grip for various weather conditions. Another piece of technology used in this pair of boots is the “eVent” waterproofing lining. With all of these features packed into lightweight, high-quality, and versatile hiking boots, the Kayland Vertigo High surely deserves its 2007 “Backpacker” Editor’s Choice Award.

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