Corfu Trail, Greece

Hiking Adventure in the Greek Island of Corfu

Off the Sarande coast in Albania is the Greek island of Corfu. Kerkyra, which is the Greek name of Corfu, is said to have come from the name of the mythological nymph Korkyra. The beautiful nymph Korkyra, who is the daughter of the river god Asopus and the river nymph Metope, is the wife of the sea god Poseidon. Poseidon abducted Korkyra and brought her to an island that he later named after her. Aside from its rich mythological background, Corfu is also becoming a favorite hiking destination for both tourists and locals.

The Journey along the Corfu hiking trail

The Corfu Trail is a 220-kilometer long hiking trail that spans from the southernmost Arkoudillas Forest to the northernmost Cape Agia Ekaterini. The Corfu hiking trip starts near the crystal-clear beach near Arkoudillas Forest. From the beach, hikers will follow a hiking trail along the dense Arkoudillas Forest that is filled with shrubs and cypress trees. One of the most notable sights near Arkoudillas Forest is The Monastery of the Blessed Virgin.

The centuries-old cobbled footpaths in Corfu also lead to several picturesque villages that include Potami, Perivoli, Vouniatades, Stavros, Agii Deka, Kamara, Sinarades, Pelekas, Liapades, Lakones, Krini, Pagi, Valanio, Sokraki, Spartillas, Kaminaki, and Kentroma. Another notable attraction along the Corfu Trail is the top of Agii Deka. Agii Deka is the second highest peak in the island of Corfu. Other sceneries along the Corfu Trail include juniper forests, vineyards, cedar forests, rivers, and lush pastures.

Hikers will definitely enjoy meandering through landscapes, walking along olive groves, climbing over mountain slopes, and passing by crystal clear beaches in the Corfu Trail. After a long walk, hikers can also take a break by indulging themselves in a relaxing swim across the Liapades Beach. The fresco-covered walls of the ruined Taxiarchis Chapel may also be sighted along the Corfu Trail. Before reaching the northern part of the Corfu Trail, hikers can enjoy a delicious meal at Lawrence Durrell’s White House or go for a swim across Kalami Beach. Towards the end of the trail, hikers have to endure undulating paths on the north coast of Corfu. Hikers move along cobbled paths, pass through quaint villages, and go across mountain tracks.

How to prepare for Corfu hiking trail

It tends to be a bit too hot in the area during the months of July and August so it is advisable for hikers to plan Corfu hiking vacations between the months of October and April. Hikers are advised to prepare
hiking essentials like boots, compass, and flashlights to keep them equipped during their hiking trip. Hikers are given the option to pursue either a 7-night Corfu trail or a 14-night Corfu trail. The Corfu Trail foundation way-marked some notable locations with yellow signs and directional arrows to help hikers stay on track.

Where to find accommodations in Corfu

Hikers will definitely enjoy their stay in the Greek island of Corfu because the Corfiots offer only the best accommodation options to their guests. Corfu accommodation options include pool villas, apartments, family villas, taverns, beach villas, hotels, and luxury villas. With the availability of online services, hikers can now book reservations even before they land on the island of Corfu. Examples of websites that offer information about online accommodations include Corfu Accommodation, Corfu Holidays, Kalami Corfu, and All Corfu.

Accommodation Example: Villa Armonia, Paramonas, Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

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How to get to the Corfu hiking trail

The connecting point to all Greek islands is the capital city of Athens. Many airlines offer international flights to Athens. Upon landing in Athens, hikers can book 45-minute flights to the island of Corfu. The airlines that offer daily domestic flights from Athens to Corfu are Aegean, Air Greece, and Olympic. Hikers from Venice and Brindisi may also travel to Corfu by boarding watercraft that offer overnight sailings.

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