Argentina’s El Chalten

Breathtaking Natural Sceneries in El Chalten

El Chalten, Argentina’s national trekking capital is a great place to see different spectacular sceneries. El Chalten is located at the foot of Fitz Roy Mountain. This hiking destination can be seen north of Los Glaciares National Park and at the center of Southern Patagonian Andes. Aside from El Chalten’s famous hiking trails, the trekking capital has also been a popular spot for photographers because of its array of beautiful sceneries. The second continental ice mass in the world, Campo de Hielo Patagonico Sur, can also be viewed from El Chalten.

Hiking and backpacking trails in El Chalten

El Chalten offers two kinds of treks for hikers and mountaineers: professionally guided and self-guided treks. Although the trails in El Chalten are not really difficult, hikers can opt to seek a professional guide service from El Chalten’s official website . The professional guides could help potential hikers in visiting the places that are usually inaccessible to most hikers. Visitors could also choose to go on a self-guided trek. El Chalten’s nine self guided trails usually last for an average of two hours. Mirador de los Cóndores is the shortest and easiest self-guided trek from El Chalten. The one way trek usually lasts for 30 minutes. The Rio de las Vueltas Valley, Adela Range, and Torre and Fitz Roy Mountain can be seen from Mirador de los Cóndores’ lookout point. Gliding condors and magnificent granite peaks can also be seen from this site. A long hiking trip could be obtained if hikers choose the famous Poincenot base camp – Laguna De los Tres. The estimated duration of this trail is 5 hours. But trekking time may depend on the hiker’s physical fitness and hiking experience. The difficulty of this trail falls on the medium range because the slopes here are steep. The site’s natural lookout point is provided with a well-marked point so hikers could easily see where they are going. Hiking vacations wouldn’t be complete without the experience to camp out. Hikers would find a big camping site in Poincenot base camp. The Rio Base Camp, on the other hand, is an exclusive camping site for climbers who need to set up their tents at this trail. The Laguna de los Tres marks the end of this trail. Hikers could have a close view of Mt. Fitz Roy’s granite walls from this point.

The weather in El Chalten

To ensure that the outdoor adventure of hikers would be a success, hikers should know that the weather in El Chalten can be very unpredictable. Hikers are advised to wear waterproof clothes because rainfall is very common in the area. The temperature in El Chalten is also subject to changes. Hikers are recommended to bring solar protection for the skin. Visitors, however, could expect milder temperatures in the months from October to April.

Accommodations in El Chalten

Accommodations are not a problem in El Chalten. Because the place is a famous hiking vacation spot, El Chalten provides 65 accommodation choices ranging from hotels to campsites. Basic facilities are also provided. Visitors, however, are encouraged to book 30 days in advance during the months of January, February, and April.

Accommodation example: Los Cerros Hotel in San Martín, El Chaltén, Santa Cruz. Argentina

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How to get to El Chalten

The hiking holiday at El Chalten would definitely start with bus rides. Potential visitors to El Chalten could take a 4-hour bus ride from the nearest airport ( Aeropuerto Internacional El Calafate). Combinations of bus rides to El Chalten are also available in Buenos Aires, Perito Moreno, Punta Arenas, Rio Gallegos, and Puerto Natales.

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