Rolling on the River – The Liquidlogic Remix 69 Kayak

Whether you are a novice, amateur, or professional in kayaking, there is one important piece of hardware that will have a great effect on your kayaking experience: the kayak itself. Liquidlogic is a company that is known for its kayaks and kayaking gear. The Liquidlogic Remix 69 kayak is a popular choice for novices and experts in kayaking. As a Liquidlogic product, this kayak offers the quality that the company has been known for.

The Liquidlogic Remix 69 kayak was designed with the idea of making the outdoor activity of kayaking easier and more convenient. Even though this was the aim of Liquidlogic, the Remix 69 is not considered merely as an entry-level kayak. Regarded as an instructor’s dream, the Remix allows for easy paddling and rolling. This means that novices will have an easier time learning, instructors will have an easier time teaching, and amateurs and pros will have a well-rounded and easy-to-handle kayak.

The Remix 69 comes in a compact size that is just right for the average adult, offering 69 gallons in volume (hence the name). The length and width of the kayak are 267 cm and 66 cm, respectively, with the kayak weighing 20 kg. Liquidlogic’s Remix 69 kayak features a cockpit that is 86 cm in length and 51 cm in width, while the rocker has a bow of 33 cm and stern of 25 cm. This kayak has been designed for people who weigh between 59 and 109 kg. Basically, Liquidlogic’s Remix 69 kayak offers an updated and contemporary look and feel to the classic kayak design.

The Liquidlogic Remix 69 Kayak product page

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