Packing for Short Trips – The Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack

One of the most important pieces of hiking gear is the hiking pack. The Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack is one that is ideal for those weekend hiking trips or short camping activities. Coming from the well-known backpack manufacturer, Gregory, the Baltoro 70 Pack is exemplary of the quality and comfort that the company is known for. Gregory has won multiple awards for its products and innovations in hiking backpacks. In fact, the Baltoro 70 Pack itself is an award-winning pack, as it was given the editor’s choice award for 2008 from “Backpacker” magazine.

The Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack has numerous features that are meant to offer easy-access, comfort, and organisation. In total, this backpack offers up to 70 liters worth of space, hence the “70” in the product name. With its multiple pockets and easy-access design, the Baltoro 70 is ideal for anyone who seeks to be organised while hiking, trekking, or camping. The pack can be accessed from the top, side, front, and bottom. Water bottles or other refreshments can be stored in the hideaway bottle holder or stash pocket. The waistbelt itself also provides two pockets. Other features on the Baltoro 70 Pack include water-resistant zippers, water-resistant bottom panel, and dual hydration ports, as well as a hydration sleeve. Finally, according to the Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack features page, the material used for the backpack is 210 HT double diamond ripstop and broken twill nylon fabric.

One of the most advanced features used in this piece of hiking hardware is Gregory’s “Response AFS Suspension” system. This means that the waistbelt of the Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack can rotate independently as it automatically adjusts to the hip angle and position of the wearer. As part of the adjustment process, the Response AFS Suspension system distributes the weight of the backpack and its contents depending on the wearer’s position, offering better comfort and better load support. Likewise, the waistbelt and harness are designed with soft materials meant to offer the best comfort while hiking.

Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack Product Page
Gregory Baltoro 70 Pack Features
Resonse AFS Suspension System

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